• Just to clarify your point in Roth withdrawals–all qualified withdrawals and distributions are totally tax-free and free of any charges and fees–that’s true when you reach age 5 1/2. There will be no taxes or penalties on either contributions or income earned on them after that point.
    If you withdraw funds prior to turning 59 1/2, your contributions are withdrawn free of taxes and penalties, but the income portion of the withdrawal will be subject to both. Like all tax issues, it’s a bit “complicated”, so you need to be sure of what it is you want to do.

  • Dlhalloran, CFP

    Guaranteed tax free income for life is you use a Variable Annuity Fixed account inside a Roth IRA and then reinvest the fixed earnings in a managed portfolio. When you retire, just annuitize the portfolio and get an income for life, Tax Free

  • sasha

    I opened Mr roth ira in 2009 I lost all my paperwork. I can’t find my roth information anywhere. Help???

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