• Lola8004

    Can money be withdrawn w/o penalty for relocating to another state?

  • Ddavis1050

    Can money be withdrawn for financial difficulty if the penalty is paid? If so, is the penalty 10%? If an employee resigns from the company, can he withdraw all monies without a penalty? Does this prohibit him from joining a 401K at a later date?

  • Dwmccoy42

    If you are under 59 1/2 you will pay 10% plus the regular tax bracket you are in. If you leave a company you can reinvest it in another IRA, Like a stock market account with any investment company or CD within 90 days without any penalty. Just ask for a “for the benfit of yourself transufer” to the another finical instatution. Any bank can help you set up an account and do the paper work. This will hold it in a IRA account until you deside what you want to do with the money.

  • Jim M.

    Can I take some out tax or penalty free if I replace it within 60 days?

  • ed

    What to a 401k upon death of owner?

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